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Elsewhere Film Shooting – DIY Costumes

After a long time, I am back with a little bit more different post, like usually. After my last post, we started our film shooting, or rather the shooting from our second film. For that, I not only composed the music but also took a big part in the design of the costumes.  Hair & Makeup and the designs for the tattoos I made all by myself  & I because of a small part in the film I also had to learn how to shot with a bow.
Let us start with the costumes. The film has a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, but we tried to keep everything simple. For weeks at a time, we visited flea markets, where we got almost everything. The rest pieces we bought at H&M and New Yorker. This became my costume:

Elsewhere Artfeeders postapocalyptic costum
Photo Dusana Baltic

My role was a bow builder in a peaceful village. The skirt cost  0,20Cent, the shoes I had already. I bought it in Yello Shoe Company, it doesn’t exist anymore. They have now the more expensive version Shoe4you. It is really expensive & they don’t have so cool shoes. The pearls on the skirt are from the attic of my grandma, & they were tied in a curtain against mosquitos. I have to top also from the flea market. My husband has cut it a bit off & made older -together with the skirt- with an airbrush pistol.

Artfeeders Elsewhere costum bow builder
Photo Dusana Baltic

We scribed the arms & the neck with a wire brush. I found safety pins in several sizes, I put on the top like buttons. The dirt is only painted on the clothes! There were more costumes I washed that the dancers could wear it on the next day fresh:-) Thank you to Joseph Kindler, for the bow & the arrows! He made it by himself from an orange tree after original Hungarian tradition. This is not a toy, one can shot really far away with it! If you are interested in having a bow like this you find him in Hungary, Csókakő. He makes it in custom, of course with arrows!
In the next post, I’ll show you the costumes from 3 of our dancers!

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