Best Basic look with Quote T-Shirt

To make a classic & simple look is really not difficult with the colour combination black & white.  You need only some of the key pieces, preferably from good quality. I can decide how loose or serious my outfit should be. For this set, I chose a T-Shirt instead of a blouse. It gives the whole look facility.


You can wear high heels to be more elegant or you can take sneakers, in the colours black, white or in the combination of both. If you know you have to go a long way by feet, then take sneakers or flats. If you have to be even so elegant you can drop your high heels in your bag & change them shortly before your date.


I got this small black bag from my friend. She bought it herself but never used it. If you have also accessories or clothes you bought but never wore or used gift it to your family or friends if they can need it. My friend & I do it for time to time. Not usually but sometimes if I buy a mascara or eyeliner for example & it doesn’t work. Then I gift it always! This bag is cool because you can use it as a shoulder bag with chain or you take the chain off & use it as a clutch.


Shirts with quotes are since two years totally in. Quotes like “I woke up like this” or “But first coffee” I cannot see anymore… I am absolutely not this fashion trend hunter, & hate fashion items everybody &really everybody has – like these at both of the knees ripped Jeans – without to think, that ist fit or not,  just because it is now THE must have. I think about what for a message I send with my clothes & sorry but I am sure that there are a lot of girls out there who wear this “But first coffee” shirt & not even drink coffee!  This “Fashionista” shirt I like, because this is a cool & short message, looks stylish with these simple letters & everybody could agree, that this is a message of mine. I bought it at Peek & Cloppenburg, maybe they have it still.


It worth it to invest in a good quality blazer with a perfect fit. This blazer from Zara was for three years originally 80Eus, I got it on Sale for 40Eu. You cannot find it anymore but there is a beautiful, almost ident blazer from Esprit in the actual collection!



Ring – Thomas Sabo
Sunglasses – Adidas
Shoes – Deichmann
Earrings – Claire’s
T-Shirt – Review
Clutch – H&M
Jeans – Levi’s
Blazer – Zara
Nails – Essie
Belt – C&A


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