Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI’S

Hey Guys, welcome back!
I had to take a week free. I saw the film “Divergent” & wanted to read the books! I did it in all my free time, till in the late night 🙂 I also discovered the old band “Shere Khan” from Theo James. They made really good, driving songs. Four of them I’m listening nonstop. And well, I had guests for the last few days. Now that is all over, I’m feeling a little bit confused & strange. Originally I wanted to post about another look but decided spontaneously to change the theme. Well, sorry, be patient, if this review will be maybe a little bit chaotic…


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'S

Everybody has surely a favourite brand for jeans. I love the most Levi’s. It is the same, like with Adidas. I started to wear it if I was a teenager & still love it. Levi’s has a very simple & classical style but even so stylish.


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'SI chose the Levi’s slight curve modern straight in black. Slight curve fits the most to my body shape. You can ask for your perfect model in the Levi’s shop!


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'SI took, of course, a black leather belt from Levi’s. I love its simple style & the good quality. This belt I can wear also in 10 years & it will look still cool! Basics like this are really not expensive! I bought 28Eus for it.


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'SFor this look is the best to keep everything simple, also the T-Shirt. It is from Mango & has a very comfortable material.


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'SThese earrings remember me on the 90’s.


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'SCoral is a great contrast to black! Felt immediately in love with this Mango clutch!


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'SOkay…this shoot was a little bit different from the others. That’s why I thought that this will be the better post to my actual mood 🙂


Best Jeans Brand for Basics: LEVI'SAdidas sunglasses belongs to my husband, I stole it. But I must admit that he looks much better in it, like me…Levi’s was the first jeans brand in the whole world. If you are also looking for a great jeans brand with a basic style I can only say: Choose Levi’s!


Bracelet – New Yorker
Sunglasses – Adidas
T-Shirt – Mango
Clutch – Mango
Jeans – Levi’s
Boots – Yello
Belt – Levi’s
Ring – Sixx

First Photo Huber, rest from FraGue.


  • Reply Riell Wednesday April 27th, 2016 at 08:42 AM

    Levi’s nálam is alap. 🙂 A karkötő és táska nagyon tetszik!

    • Reply Divatmalom Monday May 9th, 2016 at 06:35 PM

      A fiatalok közül sokan nem ismerik a Levi’s-t, pedig tényleg alap, ahogy mondod!

  • Reply Forgószél Sunday May 1st, 2016 at 04:28 PM

    Levi’s forever! 🙂 Nagyon jó az összeállítás. Hubi, fantasztikus fotót csinált. És látom, jó idő is volt. Irigykedem egy picit 🙂

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